Fragile Innovation: Episodes in Greek Design History

by Artemis Yagou

Fragile Innovation suggests a reading of Greek modernisation from a design history perspective. By focusing on selected examples from the 19th century until today, the book discusses the difficulties and controversies surrounding local design development and illustrates the “incomplete project” of Greek industrial design. The book concludes by highlighting the fact that design in the global, post-industrial, digital society is undergoing a transformation towards new directions, of which the re-emergence of crafts and the rise of service design are notable examples. Design has now moved far beyond aesthetics and the drafting of national design strategies may be crucial for the future. Here lies a great chance to re-invent design in Greece and turn it into a vital tool for the future. What could the role of design be in renewing local economy and revitalising society? Praise for Fragile Innovation [Fragile Innovation is a] “thorough, well-informed and extremely informative study”; [Artemis Yagou’s] “valuable study is an important first step towards understanding Greek modernity in its own terms.” Historein, review by Dimitris Plantzos “Yagou’s book, most of which was written well before the current problems appeared, shows that the roots of present difficulties go well back in modern Greek history.” Cassone, the International Online Magazine of Art and Art Books “Yagou did manage, ‘to find pegs on which to hang design history so that it is relevant beyond the design ghetto’. In that respect, this work is a success story.” The Design Journal, review by Marina Emmanouil “The result casts light on Greek history and helps put the history of design in global perspective. […] Fragile Innovation demonstrates how local features can refract and reflect fundamental logics of development.” Journal of Design History, review by Tim Putnam [Fragile Innovation is a] contribution to a more complete design history that can inform not just art and design scholarship, but the entire humanities. […] [Fragile Innovation helps us put] in perspective our local as well as shared experiences in an increasingly interconnected world. Design Issues, review by Gökhan Ersan


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